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  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes delivery is available for any state in the continental United States.
  • How much does a Tiny Home weigh?
    On average, a finished Tiny Home will weigh between 14,000 lbs and 20,000 lbs. This depends on size and customizations.
  • How much does a Tiny Home cost?
    The price will vary depending on size and customizations. However, they typically will range between $60,000 and $120,000.
  • How do you get started on your journey to get a Tiny Home?
    1. Initiate the process with a design consultation with Roughcut Tiny homes. See question below for more details. 2. Finalize build cost and final 3D rendering of your customized Tiny Home. 3. Commence construction and receive periodical updates during the build process. 4. Completion of Tiny Home and finalize pickup/delivery date.
  • Are your Tiny Homes RVIA certified?
    You do have the option to have your Tiny Home be RVIA certified. We offer this as an addon depending on your placement and financing needs.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Financing is available if you have your Tiny Home RVIA certified. There are financing options for Tiny Homes available through 3rd party agencies.
  • Do you build Tiny Homes larger than 8 and a half feet wide?
    Yes we can build Tiny Homes upto 12 and a half feet. These will be considered and registered as Park Model Homes which is also a part of our product offering.
  • How do I get started with the design process?
    To begin working on what your Tiny Home could look like, we will schedule a design consultation with you. This helps to finalize your living needs and we will design and plan your build to the tiniest detail with complete 3D renderings of all the spaces in your Tiny Home. This costs $500 that is applied to your build credit. If you are a DIYer or want to use another builder, we can make these plans available for an additional $500.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Conway, South Carolina and we deliver within the continental US.
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