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Decide whether tiny home living is suitable for your lifestyle. Tiny homes require a space to be parked with access to sufficient electrical and plumbing utilities. Talk with your local zoning department or RV park.

Once you have a space for your Tiny Home, how to finance your Tiny home is a big part of how to proceed in making your vision a reality. Our Tiny Homes range between $50,000 - $90,000 (you can get a better idea of estimates by filling out this form). If necessary, there are financing options for Tiny Homes that are PMRV or RVIA certified. However as every Tiny Home we build is custom, we would have to design your Tiny Home before you can access these financing options.  We can only offer limited support during these stages due to the large volume of inquiries.

After you have a rough estimate of how much your Tiny Home is going to cost, we will have to find the perfect solution for you. For $550, you can initiate the design process for your own Tiny Home which is applied to your build should you choose to make your vision a reality with us. During this process, our design specialist will plan every aspect of your Tiny Home based on what your vision is. We offer priority support in helping you finish your Tiny Home. Furthermore, these plans are imperative to acquiring financing and move forward with the build process.

At this stage, once the plans are finalized, we will build and deliver your Tiny Home. We offer delivery all across the continental US and with our owner inclusive processes that update you regularly, you will feel like you're a part of the build every step of the way.

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